The L-1 visa allows for the intracompany transfer of employees of foreign entities to U.S. parent, affiliate, and subsidiary companies.  Employees may perform services in either an executive, managerial or specialized knowledge position to the U.S. business, so as to ensure the company’s continued functioning of its international operation.

There are two types of L-1 Visas.  The L-1A is reserved for employees performing managerial or executive assignments in the United States.  The L-1A is initially issued for three years with the possibility of two extensions of two years each (a total of seven years).

The L-1B is reserved for employees performing specialized knowledge functions.  An employee may remain on L-1B for a maximum of 5 years.  This includes an initial petition of three years and one extension of two years.

Dependents spouses and minor children of L-1 nonimmigrants may receive L-2 status.  L-2 spouses are eligible to receive work authorization.