The United States immigration law provides for numerous options for investors.

An investor is someone that is looking and investing a certain sum of money into U.S. business or enterprise. The United States Immigration service has various options for such investors which will allow for that investor to receive either in non-immigrant visa (temporary stay in the United States) or will allow that investor an immigrant visa/permanent residency.

E-2 Visa:

The E-2 visa is a non immigrant visa which will allow the investor the opportunity to either establish a new business or purchase an existing business. As long as the investor meets the minimum requirements set forth by the E2 visa rules, the investor will then be allowed receive such a visa which will allow them to then run and manage their business.

-the processing times of an E2 visa are extremely fast. Typically one to three months.

-the investor can apply directly at the consulate

-the investment threshold is met as long as the investment is substantial.

-the applicant must be a citizen of certain qualifying countries.

-with all non immigrant visas, the visa is temporary in nature.

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L-1 Visa:

the L-1 Visa is a non immigrant visa. The L1 allows for a manager or skilled worker of a foreign company or business to be transferred to the United States in order to establish a new branch or subsidiary of the foreign parent company or to work in an existing established branch or subsidiary of the parent company.

-the processing time is relatively short, normally between two to four months.

-there is no specific investment amount. However, the companies involved need to show that they are sufficiently significant in terms of gross revenue and number of employees.

-there is a green card process available.

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EB-5- Direct:

The EB-5 program is an investment program that results in a permanent residency or a Green Card for the applicant. The direct EB5 is a path for an investor who wishes to purchase an  existing business or establish a new business. The Investor must invest at least $800,000 and the investor must create at least 10 full time jobs.

-processing times can take several years

-there are no country restrictions

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EB-5- Regional Center:

Here the investor will invest into an already established certified regional center project. This will be a passive investment. The investor will not need to play a part in the running or management of the business. Generally, the regional center project will have an exit strategy where they will look to pay the investor back the investment after some time. The investment is an at risk investment and the pay back of any payment is not guaranteed.

-processing times can take several years

-there are no country restrictions

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