The EB-5 Investor Green Card Program is one of the fastest ways to get your U.S. Green Card. The EB-5 green card program is the highest immigration approval from U.S. Immigration deportment and with an investment of $500,000 you and your family will be able to qualify for a U.S. green card with all the benefits of a resident.

EB-5 Investment Green Card (Traditional Direct Program)

Permanent Residency/Green Card Program.

Investor must purchase or start a Non-Passive Business.

Investor may invest into an existing business.

The Investment must be at least $1million or $500,000 in qualifying locations.

Non-Passive, Investor must manage the business.

The Investment must create at least 10 new U.S jobs.

Conditional Green Card will be issued to the investor, spouse and children Under 21.

EB-5 Green Card Benefits

You can live anywhere in the United States

Travel to U.S. Hassle Free Anytime (You can go to your home country and return back any time).

Become a U.S Citizen after 5 years of being a green card holder

Foreign investors do not require sponsorship from either an employer or a family member they can invest personal money and can get a green card.

EB-5 Green Card Process Timing:

This process will take around 9 to 15 months to get your EB-5 Green Card.

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