Grenada Citizenship Investment E-2 Lawyer

Grenada Citizenship

As a preliminary matter the E-2 visa allows an investor to set up or purchase their own business in the United States. The investors is then authorized to run and manage this business.

The E-2 visa is one of the most flexible visas available to foreign Nationals. The E-2 allows for a quick adjudicational at the U.S Consulate and generally will not require a USCIS application. Further, the E-2 investor’s spouse and children will have authorization to go to school and work in the United States.

The investment or business vehicle allowed by the E-2 visa is very flexible. Many investors will set up a new business, purchase an existing business or opt for a more turn-key style franchise.

One major restriction of the E2 visa is that the investor must be a Citizen of a Country that holds an E-2 treaty with the United States.

Several notable countries are not included in this Treaty. These countries include India, Vietnam, Nigeria and South Africa.

A possible cure does exist for those investors from a non-treaty country who wish to take advantage of the benefits of an E-2. Several E-2 eligible countries including Granada have allowed for a flexible and easy process of obtaining Citizenship. Grenadian Citizenship then creates an immigration allowable E-2 application for the investor.

As for the cost, a single applicant can obtain a Grenada passport for an investment of as little as $ 150,000 U.S. A family of four would invest $ 200,000. (Additional family members would cost $ 25,000 each). These amounts are paid to the Grenada National Transformational Fund and are not refundable.

One  alternative route of obtaining  Citizenship is a real estate investment option. This would involve an investment of $ 220,000 U.S. and  there is a $ 50,000 U.S. fee for a family of four and $ 25,000 additional fee per person thereafter. In either case, if there is a sibling applicant involved, then there is an additional fee of $ 75,000 U.S. per person is charged for such applicant.

-The Real-estate Investment option is a true investment and will need to be analyzed as such. (Our Firm does not provide investment specific advice)

The Processing time is relatively fast. We have seen the Citizenship process through on average in two to four months.

Certainly, once the Grenadian Citizenship is finalized, the U.S E-2 visa will then need to be processed. The process can be as short as 4 to 6 weeks.

If you have any questions about the Grenada Program or the E-2, please contact our Office and we will be happy to be of assistance.